Summer Vacations/Lessons – READ ME!

Each Spring we often get asked these questions:

Q.  How do lessons work in the summer?
A. The Music Connection is open year round and we do not close in summer.

Q. I’m new: Can I start lessons in the summer?
Yes! Summer is a great time to start: with no school there is more time to learn and practice!

Q. Current students who are enrolled: Can we change lesson times in the Summer and still keep our Fall time reserved?
A. Yes, if your teacher has other options, such as daytime, they will be happy to accommodate. As long as you stay enrolled, your Fall lesson time will be reserved.**

Q.  How full is The Music Connection?
A. At present, we are at 90% capacity and some of our teachers have no openings between 3:30-8pm.

Q. If we withdraw for Summer, can we keep our spot for the Fall?
A. If you withdraw for the Summer, we cannot guarantee we will have a Fall spot because when you withdraw, that spot becomes available to students who are currently enrolled and continue to be enrolled.

The big question is this: Would you like to stay with the same teacher in the Fall?
If the answer is Yes, then there are ways to do this:
  1. Take advantage of our flexible Summer makeup policy: We realize some of you go on vacation for a portion of the Summer. You may start making up to 2 private lessons starting May 1 and through Labor Day. Work with your teacher: sometimes a “double session” works out well too.*
  2. Or NEW: Take advantage of the opportunity to do a one hour Artistry Class for the missed private lesson. GET A HEAD START AND SIGN UP BEGINNING MAY 15. A list of artistry classes will be available at both locations, online and emailed on May 16th.
  3. Sublease your spot to a family or friend. You can send a family member or a friend in your place for the dates you will miss. Just let the office know who is coming and when. Make sure they reimburse you directly for the lessons.
If you are continuing to take Summer lessons, your current Fall time will be reserved. Should your teacher have to change their Fall schedule, the office will notify you as soon as possible so you will have first option on best time.
Each August/September, we get calls from students who left for the Summer and want to return to the same day and same teacher only to find out that there are no spots left or the few that are left do not work for their schedule.

If you love your teacher, keep your spot by using flexible makeup options for Summer or sub lease your spot.
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* Makeups can not be given if less than 24 hour notice or no show.
** If teacher has to change days and times for Fall, then Summer students will be given first option on new days and times.
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TMC = Orland Park, TMCFR = Frankfort