New Suzuki Violin Program – Frankfort Park District

Frankfort Park District will offer opportunity for students as young as age 3 ½ years to begin Suzuki violin group lessons.

“Since coming to Frankfort in 2006, I have seen the community growing in numbers as well as more parents who are asking about their children starting an instrument early.  An early start, especially with a string instrument, is invaluable,” said Janet Kuester, studio director. “Children and parent can find great joy in working together when the child is little to learn together in an atmosphere of positivity, fun, and excitement.”

“It is always my hope that a child will develop enough musical skill and sensitivity to enjoy playing music for a lifetime. If a child starts earlier, they can develop skill and passion for music so they can continue to sustain music activities right along with their sports, cheerleading, and anything else that they do.”

“Frankfort now has a string program offered in the public schools,” said Janet Kuester, director of The Music Connection and Suzuki violin teacher. “If a student is playing at a high level already when entering the public school program in middle school, he or she will be a real asset to the school program and enjoy playing and performing more complex music earlier.”

Suzuki was a music educator who believed that all people have music ability that can be nurtured and developed. Children and parent attend lessons together. The family listens to beautiful recordings daily of the music the child will be playing. The parent and teacher work together to make sure that daily practice is motivational, fun, and musically satisfying.

Classes for 3 1/2-5 year olds are offered Tuesday mornings 10:30-11:15AM and Friday mornings 9-9:45AM . For children 4-7 years: 4-4:45PM on Tuesdays and for 6-12 years Tuesdays 5:-5:45PM.

For further information: call the Frankfort Park District 815-469-9400 or visit the website: www.
or visit these specific links to register for the classes:

A few excerpts from class are below:

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TMC = Orland Park, TMCFR = Frankfort