Meet the Cello!

Children love to see and hear new things. What could be more beautiful that the low and smooth sounds of a cello? Children who are curious about playing a musical instrument can see the cello and parents can have questions about the Suzuki method for children answered.

This class will be held at the Frankfort Studio

The Music Connection recognizes the lack of cello players in our area and would like to encourage young students to develop the habit of excellence and develop a high level of playing!  “The recession seemed to have discouraged many from starting children early”, said Janet Kuester, director of The Music Connection. “Lots of parents decided to wait and start children later in music. Sometimes that can be good too. However, if a child starts early and builds ability before cheerleading and soccer practices take over their lives, often they become so good that they don’t want to quit. They find a way to do music “AND” sports.”

Students will be introduced to cello and begin playing. This class is taught by Monica Sliva, certified Suzuki Cello instructor. Parents and students will learn together. Students will play cello as well as fun music activities that help inspire and delight the children as they begin their study of this beautiful instrument. Information on cello rental available at first class.

The class is for children and should be attended by parent/ caregiver and child. You must register below for the class. 

If no table of classes is listed to register, or if you would like a different day/time for this class, please contact the studio directly.

Withdrawl Policy: Refund for withdrawing up to 3 weeks before class enrolled in starts, up to 1 1/2 weeks-credit only given, no refund or credit given for less than 1 1/2 weeks.

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TMC = Orland Park, TMCFR = Frankfort