“I’m Scared Too” Class for Adult Music Students

If you are an adult who has chosen to begin piano, violin, voice or any other type of musical instrument study, your friends and family may look at you with disbelief. ‘Why would you do that now?’ Or they might say, ‘It’s ok for kids but it’s too late now.’

There are plenty of adults and teachers that think differently. A growing number of adults are finding fun, relaxation, enjoyment, a new and engrossing hobby, new friends, and astonishment that they can actually learn to play and enjoy music.

“My mother used to say, age is just a number,” said Janet Kuester, director of The Music Connection.  “I try to never let an adult limit themselves by age.  I think most adults who decide to give music study a try as an adult realize they learn differently and have different goals and expectations,” she added.

“Many of the adults we have at The Music Connection started because this was something they always wanted to do. Some had children who studied and have now left the nest. The adults realized they had learned more than they thought after sitting through lessons for years.”

So if you play or want to play, please join other like- minded adults for a free class or $10 class, April 19th 7:45-9PM at The Music Connection 10751 165th Street, Orland Park, Illinois.

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TMC = Orland Park, TMCFR = Frankfort