Art Around the World Feb 5th

What better way to spend a cold winter month than to travel with art around the world! Secure your passport and travel with us to four beautiful continents in search of AMAZING art around the world! We will learn a little bit about our international artist friends and experiment with art from different cultures. If no […]

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‘Tis the Season for Art

It is a time to be thankful and also a time to celebrate! During this four week class, we will soak in the season for Art and create some frame-worthy pieces your family will enjoy for years to come! As always, we will draw inspiration from famous artists and learn some new techniques. So during […]

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Sculpture & Painting

Dress for mess and get ready to bring art to life!! During these five weeks, we will focus on the art of 3-D sculpture and mixed media. We will create SUPER SIZED flowers, clay portraits, foil and tape forms, a Calder-inspired sculpture, and mixed media pals.

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Spring Into COLOR!

During this five week course, we will dive into COLOR, one of the five elements of art! We will weave, paint, and sculpt our way into learning about color theory including: primary vs. secondary colors; warm vs. cool colors; complimentary vs. analogous colors.

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The Art Link Blog

Check out our new blog! We are showcasing our wonderful new Art Program with Pam Peckman. Updated weekly during art class. See the wonderful projects by all the aspiring artists!

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The Art Link

Even though we are “The Music Connection,” music connects us to so many things, including art. This year we are offering new art classes in Orland Park and Frankfort. Our art classes are offered on the weekends. Each class will be 1.5 hours long. Children can unwind from their school week, explore art, and parents can get some relaxing done and some errands run! We are adding new classes all the time, so check back often for our new classes!

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