2016 Holiday Concerts

Four Separate Recitals this year!Monday December 19th, 2016 and Tuesday December 20th, 2016.This year’s Holiday Concerts will be held at the Faith United Methodist Church, 15101 S. 80th Ave, Orland Park, IL.  It is a beautiful church and we look forward to seeing everyone there. Please come join us for the:Monday, December 19thVocal Showcase at 4:00 pmStrings Concert […]

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Bring a Friend in Nov!

Bring a Friend Promotion Starts November 1st!! Twice a year, The Music Connection encourages all our students to bring a friend to share their group or private lesson. Talk with your teacher for details!

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Celebrate Achievement! Musical Ladder System

Trophies, certificates and award wristbands to celebrate achievement.We are the only music school in Orland Park and Frankfort that gives their students the opportunity to earn special color wristband bracelets (kids and teens love them!), trophies AND certificates for passing musical tests. Do other schools offer trophies and certificates? A few. But none of them […]

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Art Around the World Jan 15th

What better way to spend a cold January than to travel with art around the world! Secure your passport and travel with us to four beautiful continents in search of AMAZING art around the world! We will learn a little bit about our international artist friends and experiment with art from different cultures. If no […]

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Music in the Box

Affordable Preschool Music Classes

Music in the Box! Pre-schoolers just love music! They love to sing, dance, play instruments and read stories. 4 classes for 30 minutes of Family music

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Carl Johnston

Chamber Orchestra Group – Dec 4th

This Chamber Group class will be open to advanced Music Connection and non- Music Connection private students. Violinists must be at Book 5 or above and able to read music well. Cellists/violists: book 4 or above and good music readers.

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Private/Group Combo Class

The class combines group learning as well as individual time. Students and parents learn together. Classes are intentionally held on the weekend because children and parents want to spend time together doing a great family activity!

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Intro to Music Lessons/Suzuki 3-7yrs Jan 7th

Intro to Music Lessons/Suzuki 3 – 7yrs; This 4-45 minute session will answer that question in 4 sessions that will be fun and informative!

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Suzuki String Group – Feb 19

Group classes review the book level material presented in their private lessons and introduce the skills of playing together as a Suzuki Strings Group. Group classes are strongly suggested for all private Suzuki lesson students. Please talk with your teacher at your lesson about being a member of group class!  Group ConcertsThe Concert Attire for Suzuki String […]

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The Music Connection offers quality music programs for children and adults in the south, southwest and western suburbs of the Chicagoland area. adult

Private music lessons for violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, piano, voice and harp. Group classes for some instruments and art. Suzuki and Traditional teaching methods by our professional teaching faculty. Recitals, concerts and music competition opportunities. Professional music teachers.


Reasons which make us the best choice for you :

  • The Music ConnectionQuality music instruction for all ages. 
  • Professional teaching faculty offering Suzuki and Traditional teaching methods.
  • Intro to Suzuki classes for children and parents
  • Student recitals for family and friends.
  • Faculty concert series with professional music performances.
  • Community performances at restaurants, libraries, bookstores, festivals, art fairs, and concerts.
  • Summer enrichment series; music theory, composition, and ensemble groups.
  • The Music Connection is committed to offering every aspect of quality music programs, “because music is the connection.”